Sunday, March 15, 2015

Amtrak - New Orleans Sunset Limited

It's been a few years since I took Amtrak's Sunset Limited out of New Orleans to El Paso to begin a road trip driving up to Taos, New Mexico and back down to El Paso to take the train back to New Orleans, but I thought I'd post a few photos from that trip today - it's a great train ride! We did have the border patrol come on board at one stop in Texas, but that was pretty quick.

The photos show leaving New Orleans, going through southern Louisiana and into Texas. Any of the new Mexico photos don't show anything north of White Sands - too many shots to choose from. New Mexico is certainly the Land of Enchantment, but it was also for me the "I Can't Stop Looking" state. I'm looking forward to returning some day.

Leaving New Orleans

Huey P. Long bridge in distance

Drained crawfish fields

White Sands


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